Reflexii in timp

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There’s too much greed on your hungry eyes,

When seeing strong men embracing their children.

I feel you, girl, while dreaming to steal a little of their joy

Or simply cut a good slice of your life’s red rope and throw it away with pain…

You are afraid of skulls, but  that’s the way to the core of  truth…


Accompanied by the sound of metal drums

You are marching on the road of selfish care

Forgetting thus to live and love… but standing still so calm

And  feeling cold and warm the same.



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Vad ochi de fluturi pe cerul plin de nori,

Incerc sa descifrez misterul  din biletul scuipat de oracolul din parc. 

E un miracol ca inca-mi mai am capul pe umeri –

Tezaur fara seaman, inchis in lada de zestre ferecata-n podul casei tale.

Vad centauri pe drumul serpuit spre infinit,

Ma simt ager luptand pentru un simplu gand de-al tau,

Icoana iubirii noastre plange in ciotul prafuit al unei oglinzi sparte-n colturi,

Iar tu diafan treci prin fata vietii mele,

Incerc sa te cuprind, dar lenes ma afund in laguna tristetii tale.