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Do you believe in coincidences?

Let’s give up our indifference for a moment. When you feel you are facing a coincidence, stop ignoring this feeling. Start by putting yourself questions. But authentic questions. Why has this happened? Did my thoughts (maybe “undisclosed desires” is more suitable) somehow caused this event? The answer might not come immediately. More of that, you might be scared of what you might find out; so please, just keep on exploring. You only need to be more attentive, fully present into your own life and always put your questions. Even though somehow you will never receive an answer. But surely you’ll be asked why you’re so shining….why your eyes are so bright and full of life…
I do not believe in coincidences … but in fate. And life turned out to be nasty too many times before…so all the answers of all my questions are to be found out in the next life. If I’m lucky.