Reflexii in timp

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Simply my best…

Time seems to be the right dimension for me to understand

Emotions burning through my veins when you are around or not.

I just need you to know how someone might become when

Undisclosed desires reveal into the eyes the demons of a forbidden love.


Be loved but share a little this joy with me!

Even though for a moment, maybe less, the

Sun rises every day for me and you when I’m

Calling – again and all the time – your blessed name!


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Kiss me, Lilith

Embrace me, Lilith,

And kiss away the pain

That is  cutting my poor soul

When he’s around

But still so far away.


And cover my heart, Lilith,

With the shadow of a dream

Coming true when ordinary words

Are turning into magic sleeves,

Healing my wounds in endless lonely nights…


So kiss me deadly, Lilith,

And turn myself into a lightfull smile

Hanging, sadly, hopeless into my precious’ eyes…

So be it and let the Sun to kiss his beloved soul.

But only,  I beg you,  dear Lilith,

Just let him know who loved him till the end….